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    I own many rods that are older than most adults and all have Cork handles. Over the years they have been rode hard and put up wet (figuratively) and they are showing some wear & missing the cork filler.
    I saw a new product on a PNW fishing show a few months ago and have jumped on the bandwagon (so to speak) and put X-Flock on all my trolling rods since the cork can get beat up & worn down in rod holders.
    This is my fleet of salmon, steelhead & kokanee rods after the installation.
    Starting L to R
    1) Lamiglas Plunking/sturgeon rod w/Abu 5501 reel
    3) Lamiglas salmon trolling rods w/Abu 5500 & 5501 reels
    3) Lamiglas steelhead plugging rods w/Abu 4600 & 5501 reels
    4 Lamiglas Kokanee rods w/Shimano BKM 100/200 & 101/201 reels

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