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    OC and Wilsonville
    Yo fellow harvesters of MEAT and wilderness frolickers Hunt to kill Kill to hunt Eat what you kill even if its a sage rat cuz every thing taste good smoked.

    Finally a board from Mr Joe that even REI and DICKS may feel comfortable showing Their face at since its not a haven of Black rifle zombie hunters but rather a bunch of FUDDS trying find a better way to kill DA wabbit .

    So How does a Retired Rock star who suffers from Al Bundy syndrome (ya know married with childern still living the glory days at polk high ) fit in this Forum of Nature loving Tree hugging varmint killing crowed Well I'll tell you

    When I am not out hunting zombies with my Super tacticool M4 black rifle I sink back into the rain forest of the oregon coast searching for the ever so clever elusive Big foot scratch that I mean the Elk .
    or the eastern desert in search of the wily Mule deer.

    I do fish but not as often for salmon and steel head the regulations at the time I was into it just got to complicated for my neanderthal head to comperhend and i started breeding like Fuzzy bunny so no time for that and all my shooting and hunting aventures but I still jetty fish which I am a pro at catching over 60 sea bass in one evening Letting them all go since i don't care much for eating fish unless its smoked cause every thing is good smoked even road kill unless its over a week old gets kind of gammy

    I do like crabbing and used to limit out quite often back in day .
    I am a chevy 4x4 truck guy except when i drive my honda.

    I hope this board than help educate hunters and fisherman on safety and ethics and share some ideas but I wont tell you where the deer or elk are . Try to get more youth involved maybe even bridge the gap between fudds and tree huggers and lumberjacks so we can all get along.

    there I think I have said enough

    oh and remember had the original musket been designed with a pistol grip and painted black we would all be hunting with black rifles
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    Welcome! Great intro :)

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